The Power of Social Proof

Let’s take a look at the power of social proof.

One of the most important ways that people decide what to believe and how to act in a particular situation is to look at what other people are saying or doing. If you understand how to use social proof you can often cause a person to comply with what other people are saying or doing.

It works! When people are not sure what to do or if they are conflicted as to a path of action, they are prone to look to what other people are doing and to  follow suit. Safety in numbers? Who knows for sure. But, we know when a course of action is ambiguous people are influenced by the action of others around them.

We also know that people are have an inclination to follow the lead of others. When in doubt people often choose the course of action that others took because they have not identified an alternative course of action.

Showing your counterpart that the course of action you are recommending is the path that others have chosen is a powerful tool. On the other hand be aware that your counterpart may be trying to influence you by exerting the influence of social proof. The actions of others should never be the sole reason you choose a path of action.

Think. Disengage.

Remember: People are “Sheeple.”

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