Since 2003, Negotiation-International has provided negotiation training and consulting to individuals and corporations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Now expanding its offerings throughout the United States and internationally, Negotiation-International focuses on specific skills and tactics that are designed to improve negotiation, communication, deal and decision making skills.

Negotiation-International recognizes that companies increasingly need to “go global”. Negotiation-International assists companies in developing their global negotiation strategies for building strategic partnerships in different countries around the world. Whether negotiating domestically or overseas, business professionals must create value by negotiating effective and workable deals with customers and business associates from different cultures and countries.

Our Mission

Negotiation-International is an education and consulting company providing world-class global negotiation training and consulting. Negotiation-International is committed to:

Innovative negotiation training through hands on workshops designed to teach real world negotiation techniques and knowledge;

Helping international managers create successful cross-cultural negotiation strategies for the global market; and

The building of value and long term business relationships with negotiation partners.