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Dealing With Strong Negative Emotions
No one is immune to having negative emotions. They happen. And, they often happen when we least expect them. Because they can suddenly pop up and take control of your negotiation you need to be prepared for that real possibility. How? Take your emotional temperature. Just how hot are you?...
Breaking Through an Impasse
The power of mutual deadlines. Here is your problem: You are deadlocked. There appears to be no end in sight. You are smart enough to know that if you impose a deadline it could work against you. Deadlines run the risk of making you concede too much. Likewise if you...
Shaping the Game
Framing! What techniques can you use to present the issues in such a way that they cause the other side to embrace the conclusion you believe to be right and reject the the conclusion you feel are wrong? Invoke a common benefit. Emphasize the collective benefit and diminish the costs...
When are you in over your head? How do you increase your bargaining power when you feel you are in an impossibly weak position? As in all negotiations you would first assess your BATNA and you would try to change the game to be more favorable to your position. You...
Why Use a Third Party?
You may want to consider using third party help to break a deadlock if: Emotions are running high with a lot of frustration and anger. Communication has broken down or the participants are talking “pas” each other. Behavior at the negotiation table is negative. The parties cannot even agree on...
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