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Are You Hearing What I Am Hearing?
Listening is essential in negotiating yet so many of us are really bad listeners. Active listening tools like restating and paraphrasing are very useful in showing the other party that you are listening. But are you hearing them? What keeps you from being a good listener? What keeps you from...
How Relationships Impact a Negotiation
Most negotiation studies are focused on the interaction of two parties who don’t know each other, do not have an expectation that they will deal with each other in the future again, and are engaged in a transaction over price and quantity. Yet, most business negotiations, as well as legal,...
Rather than coercing them, persuade them.
No one likes to be coerced. Threats are easy to make and they may seem, at the time, expeditious. Most people use coercive tactics because they cannot think of any other approach. But what you need to realize is that for every coercive tactic that you might employ there is...
When Should You Share? How Much Should You Share?
Walking the fine line between sharing enough information so as to create value while protecting information that could be used to claim value against you. The trick is to strike the right balance. Here are a couple of ideas as to how. If you are ever going to get beyond...
Persuasion — When You Don’t Want a Hammer
To persuade your counterpart you need to speak to their mind but also their heart. Your goal is to win both. Negotiation is more persuasion than dominance. Here are some tips for improving your persuasive techniques during a negotiation. 1.   You need to address your counterpart’s logic as well...
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