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Conflict Management Tips – Part Two
In Part One on this topic I looked at the process concerns a negotiator needs to focus on. In Part Two, I want to look at the outcome concerns that need to be focused on by a smart negotiator. Fairness needs to be the hallmark of a workable and viable...
Conflict Management Tips – Part One
When attempting to manage a dispute you need to be concerned with both process and outcome. Let’s talk about the process in this post. It is imperative that the process be seen as fair. This means that the parties perceive the process as fair. The parties must feel comfortable that...
Anchoring in the Trump Era
I do not normally add a post until the 5th of each month. In this case, I think I have to. Trump is, for better or worse, a positional negotiator. He is going to anchor in an extreme position and then assume you will bargain him down. His statements the...
Exchanging Information
When you enter the first phase of interaction with your negotiation counterpart you task is to initiate an exchange of information. This process has several positive effects on the whole subsequent negotiation, First, open communication can set a cooperative and also personal tone. Second, exchanging information helps both parties define...
I’m Sorry. Really? You Mean It?
Your counterpart wants an apology and you are just dead set against it. So you can give a multitude of excuses, often many of them childish. You can cite your principles and refuse to budge from your position, Principles are funny things and often are roadblocks to a discussion. Look,...
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